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Common legal services for any practice area

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Pace Law Firm provides legal information, legal advice, legal assistance and legal representation to its compatriots, both to individual ones and italian companies in the Canary Islands, specifically:

Clear legal information

Plain language legal information is a generic material presented in non-legal language about legal matters that people may face. This might be information about specific laws, legal issues or legal proceedings.

Legal advice

Legal advice involves the application of legal information to individual circumstances a person or company is facing. Legal advice can be provided personally, by phone or, in some cases, by email.

Initial legal assistance

Initial legal assistance is when a lawyer supports or negotiates a question for a client, without starting off formal judicial proceedings or disputes. A good example of initial legal assistance is when a lawyer writes down a letter on behalf of his customer to answer to a request for payment of a debt. Many legal issues are solved with initial legal assistance, direct negotiations or correspondence of a legal professional to the other party or to the representative.

Legal representation

Legal representation covers services provided by legal professionals that go beyond initial legal assistance. These services may include drafting of documents (like contracts) and the representation of a person in a legal matter. Legal representation includes also preparing documents for court appearences and representing people in court trials.

Legal services provided by Pace Law Firm, will help to solve any legal issue that may arise during the transfer to the Canary Islands, because they will allow you to take the right decisions. Legal consultation will always be of great help, because, in addition to providing services in any branch of law, it will allow you to know the laws and regulations of Canary Islands and speed up any procedure you do not know.

It is important to rely on the legal assistance of a law firm which specifically knows any issue of Canary Islands legislation, in particular regulatory peculiarities and current tax regime, very important for people with a private pension, as well as for the estabilishment of entrepreneurial activities of any kind.

  • Legal assistance at the Italian consulate in the Canary Islands;
  • Assistance for notarial or public documents and contracts;
  • Legal assistance during negotiations;
  • Consultation and verbal opinions.

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