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Cookies are small pieces of code installed inside a browser, they are useful for the website owner to provide services according to its purposes as described inside its own website. However for specific purposes of cookies user’s consent may be asked.


This website studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com use cookies to make its services simple and efficient for the user who browse through website’s pages.

Users of this website will have a little bit of information inside their devices, computer or smartphone, in small text files called “cookies” saved inside user’s browser directories.

If you disable our cookies some of our services might not work correctly and you might not see some of our pages.

There are different kind of cookies, some to make more effective our website, others to enable specific functionalities.

Analyzing deeply our cookies, they allow to:

  • save inserted preferences
  • avoid to insert again the same kind of information during a session on the website, for example username and password
  • analyze the use of services and content provided by studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com to optimize user experience and services offered


Here you can find a list of all kind of cookies used by studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com according to using purposes


This kind of cookies is strickly necessary for this website to work correctly. There are two categories: persistent and session cookies

  • persistent: once the browser is closed they are not removed or deleted but they last until a specific expiring date
  • session: they are removed or deleted anytime the browser is closed

This kind of cookies, always sent by our domain, are necessary to visualize correctly the website and related to the technical services offered, so they will always be sent and used, until the user will not edit its own browser preferences (not allowing in this way the correct visualization of this website).


This kind of cookies are used to collect information about website use. Studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com will use this information through anonymous statistical analysis to provide a better usage of this website and to create more interesting and better content according to users needs. This kind of cookies collect anonymous data about user’s activities and how the user find this website. Analytical cookies are sent by this website or by third parties services.


These cookies are used to collect information about website use by users in an anonymous way as: visited pages, sessions durations, traffic origins, geographical origins, age, genre and interests to target advertising campaigns. This kind of cookies are sent by third parties domains external to this website.


This kind of cookies integrate third parties functionalities inside website pages, like icons and social networks preferences to share content from this website or to use third parties software (like mapping software or other kind of additional softwares). These cookies are sent by third parties domains or partner websites that provide their functionalities through our website pages.


They are those cookies necessary to create user profiles to send targeted advertising messages accordingly with users preferences showed by user while browsing website pages.

We do not use profiling cookies in this website.

Studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com, according to current legislation, must not ask your consent to use technical cookies, because they are necessary to provide our services.

For all the other kind of cookies user can give its consent with one of these ways:

  • With specific configurations through our cookie banner and its contextual menu.
  • With specific personal browser configurations or preferences of those software used to browse our website.
  • Editing preferences of third parties services

All these solutions might prevent the user to use or visualize our website.

Website and third parties services

Our website might contain links to other websites which have their own and specific Privacy Policy probably different from the one of studiolegaleinternazionale-lostia-pace.com so we are not responsible for these other websites.


Type of Cookie. Contact Form

Use description User allows us to use data inserted in the contact form, so we can answer to quote and information requests or to any other kind or requestes (stated in the contact form subject).

Collected Data. Name, email and telephone number.

Policy Link and place of processing. Data not stored.

Type of Cookie. Akismet from Automattic Inc.

Use description. Akismet service is necessary to protect from SPAM website pages and it is provided by Automattic Inc.

Collected data Different kind of data (all specified in this service privacy policy)

Policy Link and place of processing. USA – Privacy Policy

Tipo di Cookie. Google Fonts service by Google Inc.

Use description. Google Fonts is a service that allows to include and visualize particular fonts in a website it is provided by Google Inc.

Collected data. Cookies and use data.

Policy Link and place of processing. USA – Privacy PolicyOpt In



Open Chrome browser.

Click on the browser tools bar on the side of the url address input.

Select Preferences.

Click on Show Advanced Preferences.

Inside “Privacy” section, click on “Content preferences” button.

Inside “Cookie” section you can edit all these kind of preferences about cookies:

  • Allow to save locally your data;
  • Edit local data until closing your browser;
  • Prevent websites to store cookies;
  • Block third parties cookies and websites data;
  • Manage exceptions for some websites;
  • Delete one or more cookies.

For more information visit the specific web page.


Open Mozilla Firefox browser.

Click on the menu in the browser toolbar near the website url input.

Select Options.

Select Privacy panel.

Click on Show Advanced Prefences.

Inside “Privacy” click on “Content Preferences” button.

Inside “Tracking” it is possible to edit the following options related to cookies:

  • Ask websites for no tracking at all;
  • Communicate to websites you allow to be tracked;
  • Do not communicate any preference about personal data tracking;

From the section called History it is possible:

  • Allowing “Use personal preferences” select to accept third parties cookies (always, from most visited websites. or never) and to collect them for a specific time (until their expiration time, until Firefox is closed or to ask anytime);
  • Remove any cookie stored;

For more information visit the specific web page.


Open Internet Explorer browser.

Click on Tools and select Internet Options.

Click on Privacy and inside Preferences edit the scrolling tool according to what you want to do with cookies:

  • Block all cookies;
  • Consent to all cookies;

Selection of websites from where you can obtain cookies: move the pointer in an intermediate position so you do not block or consent to all cookies, then click on Websites, inside the input called Website Url insert a website link and then click on Block or Consent.

For more information visit the specific web page.


Open Safari browser.

Click on Safari, select Preferences and click on Privacy.

Inside Block Cookies specify the way Safari must deal with cookies from websites.

To see which websites have stored cookies, click on Details.

For more information visit the specific web page.


Open Safari IOS browser.

Touch on Preferences and then on Safari.

Touch on Block Cookies and select from these options:: “Never”, “Third parties and advertisers” or “Always”.

For deleting all cookies stored in Safari, touch Preferences, then on Safari and later on Delete data and cookies.

For more information visit the specific web page.


Open Opera browser.

Click on Preferences, then Advanced and again on Cookie.

Select one of these options:

  • Accept all cookies
  • Accept only visited website cookies: third parties cookies and those sent by a different domain from the one you are visiting will be refused
  • Never accept cookies: all kind of cookies will be never saved

For more information visit the specific web page.

According to Legislative Decree 196/2003 and the new GDPR EU Regulation 2016/679, this page is visible, through the link at the bottom, on all pages of the site following the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of the consent for the use of cookies.

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On this website we use first or third parties products to collect small files (cookies) on your device. Cookies are normally used to allow this website to work correctly (technical cookies), to create navigation reports based on how this website is used (statistical cookies) and to advertise properly our services or products (profiling cookies). We can use directly technical cookies, but you have the right to choose if you want to enable or not statistical and profiling cookies. By enabling these cookies, you can help us to give a better navigation experience. If you want to learn more about how data is managed on this website, you can read our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy